Fast Comparison Conventional Brick and Mortar VS an Online Business

You are unsure on the off chance that you should begin an ordinary Brick and Mortar Business in a Heavily Trafficked Mall or an Online Home Based Business. This inside and out Comparison should enable you to choose.

In the relatively recent past while on an extended get-away in Palm Springs CA with my significant other we chose to have some Ice Cream. We saw this frozen yogurt store and the line was out the entryway and down the square. There was another Ice Cream store straightforwardly over the road with no line so we went there. The Ice Cream at this close to purge Store was Really acceptable. I said to my better half if the Ice Cream in this close to purge store is this acceptable and every other person is on arranged over the road I need to know why?

Through the span of the following barely any Months we were in different Cities in Southern California from San Diego to Santa Barbara and each time we saw that Ice Cream Store the Line was out the entryway and down the Block. At that point one day while we were in Santa Barbara we at last observed that dessert Store with no Line. We went in and requested the best Ice Cream we at any point ate. When we completed our Ice Cream’s the Line was out the Door and down the square.

Considering beginning a business I went on the Internet and found the Web Site for that Ice Cream Store. It Turned out to be a Franchise and the Start-Up Cost’s were about $200,000. With a $50,000 Down Payment that implies a Loan of about $150,000.

Including the Other Cost’s of maintaining a Business like Store Leases, Labor, Franchise Fees, Inventory, Taxes, Utilities and Insurance the Monthly Expenses would be Somewhere between $4,000 – $6,000 Easy. At $3 an Ice Cream Cone you would need to offer 1,300 to 2,000 Cones Just to earn back the original investment and an Additional 2,500 Ice Cream Cones to make a Yearly Profit of $60,000.

You can Start an Online Internet Store that works 24 hours every Day 7 days per week with no overhead and No Startup cost’s for as meager as $19.95 per Month. The main other Cost’s you would have would be for Advertising. Suppose you go through $100 per Month on Advertising and Your Average Profit per Sale is $10. You would be in benefit with only 13 Sales per Month.

Which would you rather have Brick and Mortar Business with $200,00 in fire up cost’s and $4,000 to $6,000 per month in Expenses and a 70 Hour Work Week or an Online Home Based Business with no beginning up cost’s and $120 every Month in Expenses and a 10 Hour or less Work Week?